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You probably have a lot of questions about our Cost Segregation, Self-Employed and R&D Tax Credit programs, because let’s be honest – tax isn’t always user-friendly. That’s why we're here, to take you through the history, process, and benefits of these available credits. Fill out the form below to contact us, and one of our advisors will be happy to assist you with the answers you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll set up a time to chat over the phone or in-person to know about your business needs.
After our initial consultation, we will give you a list of documents that you will need to send us. Once we have the required documents, one of our expert advisors will conduct a no cost analysis to determine all the available credits your business qualifies for. Your advisor will advise on all options, confirm your eligibility and review your documentation with you and begin the process to secure your funding. The entire process typically takes 2-3 weeks from start to finish. If you wish to move forward, you will select your desired payment option and we will file your claim. Once the claim is filed, refunds will be released based according to the IRS’s availability schedule. Currently, the IRS has stipulated a 20 week minimum turnaround for ERTC refunds.
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Employee Retention Credits are not considered income for federal income tax purposes, but you must reduce any deductible wage expenses by the amount of the credit. Please provide the credit information to your CPA for tax purposes.
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No. Since this program is not a loan, there’s nothing for you to repay. It’s a refundable tax credit. Once we file your claim, we will request your refund check.
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We get paid according to a percentage of the credits that we recover. We calculate and provide our fee with our free analysis. Typically we recover 10-20% more than other firms that are not as familiar with the program so our fee is quite affordable. When you partner with us, you get the right team for the job so in essence this process pays for itself. Hiring the right attorney, CPA etc. is a critical decision for any business, this process is no different and we’re here to guide you through it.
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Schedule a free consultation today with our knowledgeable and experienced team of experts to learn more about how American Tax Savings can help your business. We’ll provide information regarding the Employee Retention Credit program as well as any available R&D tax credits and answer any questions you might have to determine if our solution is a fit for your company’s needs.