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Our mission is to get money back into growing companies so they can innovate and hire. We remove all barriers by tailoring our solution specifically for you to maximize your tax credits.

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Helping Innovative Companies Claim Their Tax Credits.

We are trusted by hundreds of founders, companies, CPAs, and partners across the country due to our industry expertise and specialized focus. We evaluate the opportunity for each client, provide a personalized plan to maximize their Self-Employed and R&D Tax Credits, and generate the necessary documentation to ensure monetization and IRS compliance.

What makes ATS stand out?

We’ve created a seamless and efficient way for innovative companies to get money back into their businesses to hire and grow.

Ease of Use

We’ve streamlined the process with technology. You work at your own pace, with the help of a dedicated rep, to input your company’s info and then we do the heavy lifting to ensure monetization.

Maximum Credit

We know the ins and outs of growing businesses. We are a team of CPAs, tech veterans, and entrepreneurs. We ask the right questions to uncover your biggest financial benefit.

No Shortcuts

We know the rules and play by them. We generate the proper documentation and partner with your tax preparer and payroll company to check all the boxes.

We Do the Work, You Get the Credit

We’ll help you find out if you qualify, maximize your credit, and complete the forms to get you a check in the mail from the IRS as quickly as possible.

Self-Employed Tax Credits

Self-employed individuals can claim deductions for business expenses, such as home office space, equipment, and supplies, helping to reduce taxable income.

R&D Tax Credits

We understand you have a busy schedule and don’t need or want the stress associated with obtaining the R&D tax credit. We can help speed up the process.

Funds Paid Directly to You

You've completed the process and it's time to receive your credits. Great news, the IRS will send a check directly to you so you don't have to wait or deal with any hassles.

Juridical Help

We provide clients with an independent objective their financial condition

Investment Solutions

We build a diversified and investment portfolio for overall

Assurance Services

To audit the accounts of the organization and to maintain the accounts for state

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